Kate Middleton broke up with William … over the phone


A Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story went through several ups and downs until the two went up to the altar in 2011. According to Robert Lacey, author of the book ‘Battle of Brothers’, the Dukes of Cambridge even ended their courtship in April 2007 … over the phone.

“Kate excused herself to leave a meeting at Jigsaw, the clothing store where she had recently started working, to answer a call from William in a room, with other customers listening,” reads the book, according to Us Weekly.

“She was closed for more than an hour. When she left, she was single,” she explains.

It is important to note that three months after this situation, the couple was seen again at a party. Three years later they became engaged.

This was the second separation from William and Kate. The first happened in 2004, when the Duchess insisted on showing that she could live without William perfectly.

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