Kate paid a heartfelt tribute with this blouse


If there is one thing that all the pieces of clothing used by Kate is the fact that they follow a minimalist, classic and elegant aesthetic line. Occasionally, the Duchess of Cambridge uses some pieces with small prints, such as squares, flowers or polka on, rarely opting for other standards.

In this way, the last blouse used by Kate surprised, given that it is in a color she rarely wears and in a pattern never seen before in her looks. Recently, the Dukes of Cambridge participated in the Pride of Britain awards, which recognize the work of some notable Britons. William and Kate presented the award to officials of the British national health service, the NHS, who have been working tirelessly during the pandemic. The ceremony will be broadcast on November 1, when a small group of the NHS can be seen receiving the award.

This formal act required a look to match and Kate did not fail. The duchess chose to wear a dark blue blazer, which she has worn on several occasions, which matched with John Lewis’s palazzo pants. Under the blazer, Kate wore a blouse that is a tribute to the NHS.

In Klein blue tone, by Lisou, this piece has a pattern of small rainbows, the symbol that represents the public health service, which was widely used during quarantine, as a symbol of hope that the situation would improve . This piece can be purchased at the brand’s online store, for a price of 305 euros.


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