Kelly Key’s daughter celebrates birthday and Latino wishes happiness on Instagram


Suzanna Freitas, daughter of Kelly Key of the relationship with Latino, turned 20 this Friday (30). To announce that she was the birthday girl of the day, she shared on Instagram a photo in which she celebrates the date. In the comments, the singer and biological father of Suzanna, left a very special wish for happiness for her daughter.

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“Happy Birthday to me! # 20 Birthdays have always been very special to me, and mine in particular has always been the best day of the year! Thank you God for another year of life. Today is a day to thank, ”wrote Suzanna. “You are very special!! I love you more than anything. Peace and love in your life. I am waiting for you for our 2nd celebration. May God grant you health and prosperity ”, commented Latino.

The relationship between the two is not very close because Kelly Key is now married to Mico Freitas and does not have much contact with Latino, however, Suzanna assured at another time that she has no fights or problems with her father. “I don’t live with my blood father and he is not as present in my life as my stepfather is. And I don’t know when I last took a picture with my father. But that does not mean that we are fighting and that we do not speak. But he lives far away, he is always traveling, working. We see very little, ”explained Suzanna, who has nine more siblings from her father.

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