Kidnapped journalist found tied up with multiple fractures


The journalist Romano dos Anjos, from Imperial TV, an affiliate of Record TV in Roraima, was found on Tuesday (27), after being kidnapped last night. Dos Anjos was located in the Vicinal do Bom Intento region, in the rural area of ​​Boa Vista. The presenter is known for running the Mete Bronca program, covering police cases and reports of irregularities. According to Roraima Public Security, the main line of investigation is that the kidnapping would be an organized crime action. According to the police, it was located by an outsourced Roraima Energia server. According to the witness, Dos Anjos was abandoned under a tree at night, without water and food, with his face blindfolded and his hands tied. The witness told the police that he stopped by at around 8:30 am to check energy clocks in the region. He came across the journalist wearing only shorts, with signs of aggression. Dos Anjos was then taken to the General Hospital of Roraima. “Multiple fractures were identified in the upper and lower limbs. There were no open fractures, but multiple injuries. The information arrived that the victim had his tongue cut out, but there was no such injury. but remains hospitalized and is under the care of a multidisciplinary team “, informed a representative of the hospital.


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