Kim Kardashian calls ex-boss Paris Hilton to promote clothes from the 2000s – 10/16/2020


Kim Kardashian today announced her new clothing collection, Skims Velor, inspired by the 2000s.

To publicize the pieces, she called the icon of the time: her ex-boss, Paris Hilton.

In the campaign images, the two wear pieces from the 2000s: matching plush sweatshirt sets. They walked together simulating paparazzi photos, like the clicks of the time when they met.

Before fame, Kim worked as a personal stylist in Paris. In a video posted on social media, she talked about the things she learned from her friend and ex-chege:

“When you do a photo shoot, you ask them to put a mirror behind the camera so you can see yourself. I don’t ask for it enough, but it’s the best idea in the world.”

Kim continued, “Another thing I always say to people is that no matter what time it was, how long our flight was, what your night had been like, you always tried to be kind and gracious to everyone.”


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