Kim Kardashian reveals details of Kanye West’s fight against Covid-19


Kim Kardashian shared some details of the struggle of Kanye West contra a Covid-19, right at the beginning of pandemic. The celebrity recalls that this was a “scary” experience and that she had to take care of the rapper alone.

“THE Kanye had at the beginning, when nobody really knew what was happening “, he started by telling the magazine Grazia.

“It was so scary. I had my four babies and no one else in the house to help,” he added.

Kim also remembered that he had to change the sheets and help Kanye getting out of bed “when he was not feeling well”.

“I changed the sheets with gloves and a protection facial and it was really a scary moment “, he stressed, referring that this whole phase was a” challenge “.

Kim also told the magazine that Kanye been infected with Covid-19 at the same time as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Remember that the actor and the woman revealed that they had tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 12th of March.

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