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On Wednesday, the book “The King Tells” was launched, where you get a very unusual meeting with King Harald (83). The book deals with both the past and the future, and is based on the king’s own reflections on life. In it, he talks about, among other things, how the family coped with Ari Behn’s death, and what he thinks about his future on the throne.

The king also talks openly about his own family life, which has not always been as simple. As a king, you obviously live a hectic life, and at times there has been a lot of travel for the monarch.

– Holds on to «the bitter end»

Often away from the kids

In one of the chapters, which deals with the many state visits he has made during his period as king, he explains that it has not always been as easy to have to leave the children.

“Suddenly I discovered that I was away for 200 days abroad. I had small children, or we had small children. I do not think they have forgiven us completely yet that we were so much gone. It was not good, neither for the family nor the fact that I was simply too little in Norway “, says King Harald, and continues:

PRINTED: King Harald was discharged from Rikshospitalet on Monday 12 October after a successful heart valve operation on Friday. Video: NTB
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“So we had to start doing more here at home.”

The king says that he almost had a cut card to New York for a period – a clear picture of how much he was actually on the move in those years. It was not the case that Queen Sonja (83) stayed at home all the time either, so Crown Prince Haakon (47) and Princess Märtha Louise (49) were often without their parents.

– A little worried

The king says that he himself has regretted that he has been away so much.

Now he is worried that his son, who is married to Crown Princess Mette-Marit (47) – and with whom he has children Princess Ingrid Alexandra (16) and Prince Sverre Magnus (14), will make the same mistake as him.

The king:

The king: “That she did it”

“I see the Crown Prince too, he works very hard, I think. I’m starting to get a little worried about him. He is a young man, but it is this with establishing himself that makes you have to work extra hard “, he says.

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus was born in 1973, five years after the then Crown Prince Harald had his Sonja Haraldsen in Oslo Cathedral. Two years before, his big sister Märtha Louise was born.

On Friday 2 October, the stage was set for the opening of the Storting. As a result of King Harald being on sick leave that week, it was Crown Prince Haakon who made the solemn opening. Video: The Storting
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The Royal House’s own website states that Crown Prince Harald had many official assignments during this period, and that he worked a lot.

Close relationship

Father and son often spend time together, and are seen side by side on the castle balcony during the celebration of the national day, and during the Christmas holidays. In the book, the king also talks about the close relationship with his son.

“He has become a friend and co-worker. He asks me for advice and I get advice from him. The relationship has gotten closer and closer, He’s a wise guy. It will be good with him when that time comes “, he says.

Knew about Ari's problems

Knew about Ari’s problems

The king also says that he thinks he is less worried than his own father was. He goes on to say that the Crown Prince will be allowed to take what he wants, and change what he wants.

This summer, the entire royal family was on a trip together to Lofoten, after they had had a summer holiday separately.

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: The royal family on the aft deck of K / S Norway earlier this summer. Photo: Elin Rønning, The Royal Court
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It has been the Crown Prince who has stepped into his father’s shoes when the king has been too ill to perform official duties.

King Harald explains in the book that he then does not interfere in the work the Crown Prince Regent does.

He believes that if the Crown Prince’s regent is not allowed to decide for himself, it would be difficult for him.


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