Klopp believes Everton is the title challenger


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When Liverpool take the short trip across Stanley Park for the city against Everton, things are not quite as they used to be.

Give praise

“The Blues” is currently the best in town. And best in England. When asked if Everton is a title challenger, Klopp answers:

– Yes. You do not have to be a manager to see it. It is clear that they have made good transitions. Carlo is a sensational manager. It was always clear, if he had time to build something, he would make it happen.

– They look very very good. Of course, I would rather say something else. They are a real challenger, Klopp said at the press conference the day before the derby day.

At the same time, Klopp points out that it is not just Everton who have made the battle to defend the league gold more challenging.

Everton – Liverpool

Look now

– Many made good transitions that made a lot of sense, all the teams will improve. We know that, so we have to be ready for all these battles. Within 24 hours we can show it.

Not lost since 2010

Under Klopp’s leadership, Liverpool have not lost a Merseyside derby. In fact, the Reds have not lost a derby since 2010.

Klopp was asked if he has therefore not felt the “real” derby as far as Liverpool coach, as his club has been so dominant.

– I do not know exactly what you mean … “what does it mean to lose the derby?” I’ve lost enough derbies in my life, I do not have to experience it again.

– All the fights are tough, especially since you make so much noise around it. It builds up a lot. We always respect Everton, and we do this time too and with good reason. They are a good football team, especially now.

Watch Everton-Liverpool on Saturday at 13.30 on TV 2 Sport Premium and Sumo!


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