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All the signs of the zodiac have striking characteristics that can be highlighted and the perfumes are perfect to help with that! You can find out what types of fragrances suit you or that special person you want to impress, whether on the first hug or with a gift.

Scent for Aries

For people with a strong personality, give preference to citrusy, intense floral fragrances with spices that contain cinnamon, pepper, ginger.

Scent for Taurus

To show beauty and sensuality choose the woody, citrus and soft fruits with leaves and herbs that contain lime, green tea and fennel.

Perfume for Gemini

To match the freshness of the Geminians, prefer the soft florals with marine and refreshing ingredients that contain lily, verbena and seaweed.

Perfume for Cancer

The warmth and affection of Cancerians combines soft fruit, sweet fragrances with floral mixes, such as bath or baby colonies that contain lavender and gardenia.

Lion Perfume

To mark your presence and make sure you never forget, use the scents with intense floral notes, striking fruity fragrances that contain a cocktail of red fruits.

Perfume for Virgo

Nothing matches the Virgos better than the lightness of the slightly citrus and soft floral fruits that contain lavender, jasmine and green apple.

Perfume for Libra

To find general use and abuse of soft colonies and delicate flower bouquet containing narcissus, orchid and white roses.

Scorpion Perfume

I would not be scorpion if I did not arrive perfuming everything with intense floral aromas with a touch of fruit and striking fragrances that contain patchouli, absinthe and sandalwood.

Scent for Sagittarius

To be unforgettable, choose the intense florals, with oriental touch and exotic spices that contain vanilla, anise and cloves.

Scent for Capricorn

That Capricorn air of presence, responsibility and charm with a soft touch of fruit, wood and herbs that contains cedar, sandalwood and green notes.

Perfume for Aquarium

To awaken all possible interests, use refreshing floral fragrances and curious mixtures that contain jasmine with blackcurrant, chocolate with pepper, tutti frutti with mint.

Perfume for Fish

To combine with the lightness and kindness of Pisceans, nothing better than fruity and lightly sweet florals with a touch of freshness that contain honeysuckle, lemongrass and apple blossom.

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