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On Wednesday night, it became known that the Vikings’ biggest star is infected with the corona. This means that the club’s league matches against Odd and Haugesund are postponed indefinitely.

The A-team stable and the support staff around it have been routinely tested again. The general manager of Viking, Eirik Bjørnø, says the club is now focusing on getting its players healthy and cleared for games again.

– There will be more matches in a shorter period of time at some point during the autumn here, so it can have an effect, but we can not do anything about it. The most important thing for us now is to get Veton well as soon as possible and that he comes out of this without permanent injury, says the Viking boss.

Possible end of January

These are the first settlements in Norwegian top football that are postponed after football started up again in early June.

Director of the competition department at NFF, Nils Fisketjønn, says that it is not currently relevant to stop this year’s season, but that they are keeping a close eye on the corona situation at the clubs.

– If there are cases of infection in many clubs and we get many postponements, then it will automatically stop itself, says Fisketjønn.

However, he emphasizes that this year’s season will be played to the end, regardless of whether there are more postponements along the way. This means that the season can only be decided in 2021.

– We have said that we do not have a Plan B. Plan B is that we will complete, even in January to choose a worthy league champion. We hope to avoid it, but as I said, the last match now is qualifying for a place in the Elite Series on a tiny Christmas Eve, says Fisketjønn.

Director of the competition department in NFF, Nils Fisketjønn, says that the season can be ended in 2021.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

The NFF director opens for games in indoor halls to complete the season.

– We eventually have a number of halls in Norway that we can use. With them, we will probably be able to achieve this.

Get available dates

With matches up to two days before Christmas, the Elite Series has little room for maneuver to be able to make changes to the match program.

Viking must now find room for two extra matches in the season, and hopes to be able to use the national team break next month to get a little less pressure in the match period ahead.

Lerkendal in snow

There may be wife-rich and winter-dressed matches in January. Here the settlement between Rosenborg and Aalesund in 2010.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

– There are few available dates. It’s a national team break we can take advantage of a bit, maybe. But it will be cramped and the last round of the series is set for December 19, so there is nothing to expand in that direction either. We hope to get these matches done as soon as possible, says Bjørnø.

An alternative is to shorten the time between each match and that three matches can thus be played in six days.

– We have routines for three nights between matches, but there is an opportunity to go for two nights. It is also something we discuss with the top clubs, to shorten the rest period, says Fisketjønn.

He is honest that there is a distinct possibility that the season will not be finished before the turn of the year.

– There are not many dates we have to go on, especially for Molde who also play in Europe. We have a very tight program and the risk of not being able to complete is obvious there, says Fisketjønn.

– The last two series rounds must go at the same time, based on our fair play regulations, so then they must necessarily be postponed so that they go at the same time.


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