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GOING TO THE WEEKEND: Henrik Kristoffersen has done what he is supposed to do before the World Cup season begins in Sölden this weekend. This photo was taken in French Les Houches in February. Photo: JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

He has won most things, but in Sölden Henrik Kristoffersen (26) has never succeeded.

During the World Cup opening in Austria this weekend, the super alpinist who won the balls in both downhill and giant slalom last season makes a new attempt to “kickstart” the season.

– I am one of those who always spend longer than others to get started with the season, says Kristoffersen when he tries to explain why none of his 21 World Cup victories have come in Sölden.

– Sölden has not been good for me. There I have my worst giant slalom results. Twice I have come on inner skis, once I was number five and twice it was canceled. It is steep and a bit flat, and then the glacier snow is often special, says the 26-year-old without apologizing.

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If he is to have any chance of taking the biggest ball, the World Cup overall, Kristoffersen knows that he must be on from the start of the season. Since he does not run as many races as many of the competitors for the trophy, he is dependent on asserting himself when he starts.

Overall winner Aleksander Aamodt Kilde ran 27 races last season, Kristoffersen drove 21.

– I have to do much better in the races I run, if I am to keep up. I took the most points per race last year, but there was no “Hirscher level” in what I did, and then you do not win a ball either, says Kristoffersen and thinks of the performance of his fiercest competitor, Marcel Hirscher, who won the World Cup eight seasons in a row before retiring.

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– Kjetil Jansrud has pointed to you and Alexis Pinturault in the summary. Maybe he has a point?

– I have been number two and three for the last six years, so hopefully I will be there with Kilde, Pintauralt and maybe Dominik Paris. We will see how he has recovered from the long-term injury.

– Where do you need improvements this season?

– That’s what’s so cool about sports and probably regular work as well, that everything can be improved. There is always something to work with, something you can get better at. It must be the focus otherwise you will stagnate. For me, it’s about weeding out the gutters that are a little too bad. You can have a maximum of two to three races during a season that goes a bit awry, but otherwise you have to be on the podium and win ski races. That is my starting point, says Henrik Kristoffersen to VG.

– Have you been able to do what you are supposed to do in preparation?

– That is what everyone asks before Sölden, and yes, I hope so. At the same time, it is almost two months until the next giant slalom race, so then you should not put too much into the first race. I hope to get through in a positive way.

PS! The opening races with giant slalom women and men run on Saturday and Sunday.

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