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John Rogers / Press Release

Your martial arts skills may not be exactly scary, but still, don’t mess with Lady Ninja

Your martial arts skills may not seem scary, but still, don’t mess with Lady Ninja
. American police say this was a lesson learned
, painfully, by a criminal
in California. He tried to break into the apartment of an 82-year-old woman, neighbor of Lady Ninja, and even pushed her.

The victim’s friend, 67, named Lorenza Marrujo, got into the fight and, with a few kicks, punches and elbows, it was all over. The police arrived to find the suspect on the floor, with one of Lorenza’s knees on her neck and the other on her chest

Lorenza, who likes to be called “Lady Ninja” and is black belt in jiu-jitsu
, said he was in his third floor apartment on Monday (28), when he heard screams coming from the first floor and went to investigate.

There, she found the man attacking her friend, Elizabeth McCray. Lady Ninja, who is five feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds, did not hesitate to attack the attacker
, who was bigger and younger than her. “I kicked him down,” said Marrujo. “Then I elbowed him and he screamed in pain.”

She already worked as a security guard and started studying martial arts for almost 40 years
for personal protection. Still, he complained after the attack that it was not as sharp as he would like. “I’m getting rusty,” she said, adding that she will step up her training to become prepare better next time

Police records from San Bernardino County showed that the attacker, identified as Donald Robert Prestwood, 59, already accounts for bodily injury
. He was arrested and taken to the police station.


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