Large search operation in Aurland: – Think Christoffer (29) has fallen into the fjord


Elgåen was reported missing by the family on Monday morning, as they had not come into contact with him the day before. Last safe observation is made Friday night, when went home after visiting some friends.

Trygve Skjerdal, mayor of Aurland and acquaintance of the 29-year-old, tells Dagbladet.

We know little, but he has been visiting friends on Friday night. There are many indications that he has fallen into the fjord.

Presumed dead

SEARCHING AT THE DISCOUNT: A large number of volunteers, as well as the police, the Red Cross and the fire service, are looking for 29-year-old Christoffer in the Aurlandsfjord. The picture is from the search operation on Wednesday, close to where the 29-year-old mobile phone was found at the water’s edge. Photo: Arne Veum / Aurlendingen
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On Monday night, the status of the search was changed so that Elgåen is believed to have died, writes Bergens Tidende, which first mentioned the case.

– It’s very heavy. Our focus is to find Christoffer, says Skjerdal.

After the search operation was launched, it was quite a short time before the crews found traces of Elgåen. Among other things, the 29-year-old’s mobile phone was found in the steep and rugged terrain between the county road and the fjord, says Skjerdal.

– At the site, there are steep mountains above and very deep in the fjord. The height difference from the road down into the fjord is six to seven meters, says the mayor to BT.

Police station manager Knut Arne Klingenberg in the police tells Dagbladet that the fjord is around 400 meters deep at the place where the mobile phone was found.

– We do not have much else to move from, other than the information we have received from friends and family. He has been on a trip from one point to another, and there he has disappeared. This is an accident as we see it, says Klingenberg.

Many volunteers

Mayor Skjerdal says that Elgåen is a guy that many know in the small western countryside with just under 2000 inhabitants. A large number of people have therefore taken time off work to take part in the search operation.

– He has a large network of contacts, and is a very open, social and welcoming, handsome young man, says the mayor.

According to the police, there are 37 volunteers and 15 boats in the search on Thursday, in addition to the Red Cross, the police and the fire brigade.

– It is a formidable mobilization, as it always is when such things happen in small villages. Some employers line up with people who probably should have been at work. We have also rented in and borrowed equipment, says the mayor.

On Wednesday night, an ROV, a remote-controlled submarine, came from Bergen to contribute to the search in the deep fjord.


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