Latest Windows 10 update makes users furious!


Many users downloaded the latest Windows 10 update, namely KB4579311 or KB4577671 and received many problems as a gift. A system always restarting, or an installation process that does not leave the same place. Complaints are multiplying in various forums on the Internet and several users are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Latest Windows 10 update makes users furious!

On October 13, in yet another Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released the October cumulative patches for Windows 10 version 2004, 1909, 1903 and other supported versions.

latest update windows

Thus, two updates were made available. KB4579311 for version 2004 and KB4577671 for version 1909/1903. KB4579311 is a crucial update since it corrects vulnerabilities in the operating system and corrects connectivity problems, including one that prevented access to the Internet.

The problem is that after installation, users started to report several bugs. Most of the reports are being published on the Microsoft and Reddit forums.

In the case of Windows 10 KB4579311 the most common errors are 0x8007000d, 0x800f0988, 0x800f0831, 0x80073701, 0x80070002 and 0x800f081f. The same is true with update KB4577671.

The installation problems, especially in the case of a loop, are terrible. It is that they prevent the use of the computer. However, if a blue screen error occurs or the monitor runs out of image, it is not better.

All of this is happening!

However, there are more complaints that people have been reporting due to Patch Tuesday’s latest freebie.

latest update windows

The most common is a very long download process, as well as the installation time. Then there are also reports of installation failures as revealed by the Windows Latest website. In addition, we have a restart without warning, problems with the file explorer and printing.

The best advice we can give is: – in case of errors, remove the patch and pause the update. Oh and wait for Microsoft to fix these bugs. Do you like Leak? We count on you! Follow us on Google News. Click here and then Follow.

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