Law obliges SUS to perform breast ultrasound


Since March 12 of that year, through federal law, it is possible for women to undergo ultrasound examination by SUS. Before, the most usual thing was only the mammogram, now the doctor will be able to make the assessment according to the family history, and, once the request is made, the SUS is obliged to provide the exam. The goal is to allow a more accurate and early diagnosis of breast cancer to help fight the disease, as ultrasound complements mammography. On this subject, Tarde Nacional spoke with Cátia Vita, a lawyer.

“Women who have people very close to her with breast cancer, these people will be able to ask the doctor to request ultrasound,” explains Cátia. “Another possibility is that of women between 40 and 49 years old who have a very dense breast and also need to do the complementary exam, which is ultrasound.” She points out, however, that it is not just asking the doctor, he also needs to check the family history to know whether or not this woman has the right to have the test.

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