LBFF 2020: Santos makes two booyah and gets stronger at the top; Team Liquid leaves final zone | free fire


tAfter this Saturday’s performance, Santos HotForex has great chances of finishing as the first place in the regular phase of the 3rd Stage of Series A of the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) in 2020. Peixe won two booyahs, both in Purgatory – RED Kalunga also had two wins – and remains firm in the lead, now with 1,395 points.

The São Paulo club will play in the last round, and the opponent with the greatest potential to overtake him is well below the table (fifth place Flamengo B4, with 1,141 points). Respectively in second, third and fourth positions, Black Dragons (1,318), SS (1,254) and GOD (1,174) are also out of this Sunday’s falls.

+ Check out the updated LBFF 2020 table

Santos’ Free Fire Team – Photo: Disclosure / Garena

Champion of the last stage of the LBFF, Team Liquid (933 points) left the qualifying zone for the finals. Without having played this Saturday, the horses fell to 13th position, having been overtaken by Vivo Keyd (968). The team appears just behind paiN Gaming (934), who was also not in action and is the last of the G12.

The bottom of the table also drew attention in the round. The lantern New X (771) matched Flamengo with the best drop of this stage. The team scored 54 points in the second game of the day in Kalahari – in addition to the booyah, there were 17 kills. Rubro-Negro had made the same score in Purgatory, in the 6th round.

And Los Grandes had the direct relegation to Serie B decreed. Having made all 72 predicted falls, the team has no way to escape the sticking, since it occupies the penultimate position, with 775 points.

The last round of the LBFF Series A will be played this Sunday, starting at 1 pm (Brasília time). Groups B and C teams enter the server.

Check out this Saturday’s round:

1st Fall – Santos HotForex (Purgatory)

The round has already started with the SS being the first team eliminated. Leader, Santos made a very intelligent fall, looking for information to position himself inside the safe that closed in Fields. The club first rushed successfully over Los Grandes, took over a house and accumulated slaughter from there to the booyah. The final fight was against Corinthians.

2nd Queda – RED Kalunga (Kalahari)

The SS redeemed itself from the beginning of the previous game already starting with wipe out on Los Grandes in Ruins, but the team was unable to go far. The highlight was RED Kalunga, eliminating NewX and Cruzeiro. At the end of the match, a confusion ensued between RED, FURIA, GOD and Santos inside a house. The Matilha quartet split up, and the strategy worked. Abusing the hook, Wanheda caught the survivors of the battle by surprise and secured the booyah.

3rd Fall – Black Dragons (Bermuda)

Another good start to the SS game, crushing Corinthians at Peak. This time, the team reached the last safes, but stopped in the crosshairs of Cruzeiro. In the open fight, Horus was left alone against three Black Dragons players. It made a difference the ice that BD had in his hands, ending Raposa’s chances and getting the booyah.

4th Fall – Santos HotForex (Purgatory)

All teams remained alive for much of the match, when the safe closed southwest of Brasilia. MemGod shone when it interrupted a FURIA move with a kill grenade launcher. And at the end of the game, booyah went to Santos again.

5ª Queda – New X (Kalahari)

The inspiration for New X was lowered. With aggressiveness, the team accumulated 17 kills, highlighting the last safes. On the negative, the team took the opponents of RED Kalunga and FURIA to make the match with the booyah.

6th Fall – RED Kalunga (Bermuda)

Los Grandes went all-or-nothing in the last round and early on it was eliminated by New X. The map was further studied, with nine teams alive in the second half of the match. With the safe closing in the open field at Peak, players moved around the periphery. RED Kalunga positioned itself well and took the booyah by closing the siege on GOD.


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