Leading U.S. infectologist predicts vaccine decision in December and vaccination in 2021


Infectologist Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States (Niaid), said on Sunday that it will only be possible to decide on the vaccine against Covid-19 in December. Opinion buries Donald Trump’s claims to use the vaccine as an electoral weapon

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247 – The effectiveness and safety of a vaccine against Covid-19, could be demonstrated in December and the wide vaccination will be carried out only in the middle of 2021, affirmed this Sunday (25) the American infectologist Anthony Fauci.

“We will know if a vaccine is safe and effective between late November and early December,” said Fauci, according to the State of S.Paulo. “When it comes to vaccinating a substantial part of the population, so that it can have a significant impact on the dynamics of the epidemic, it is very likely that it will not happen until the second or third quarter of the year (2021).”

The opinion of Fauci, who is a specialist in the White House during the pandemic and one of the biggest US references on the subject, buries Donald Trump’s plans to use the vaccine as an electoral weapon. The election in the United States is on November 3.

Last Friday (23), AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson announced the resumption of testing of their vaccines in the United States – both already in the last phase. They had stopped testing for serious illnesses detected in some volunteers.

AstraZeneca’s tests were stopped for six weeks and Johnson & Johnson’s tests for 11 days.

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