Learn how to make bill payments using the emergency aid card


Water bills can now be paid with the emergency aid card. The modality is now available in all payment channels, such as website and application. To make the payment, it is necessary to enter the number of the virtual debit card informed in the Caixa Tem application.

Other bills, such as electricity and telephone bills, can also be paid using the aid through the Caixa Tem app. As already adopted by several beneficiaries, it is also possible to generate boleto in digital banks, such as Nubank and C6 Bank, to transfer the value of the Caixa Tem app to the bank. Thus, it is not necessary to wait for the official calendar for withdrawal and transfer, which, in some cases, may take more than a month to wait.

How to pay the water bill with the aid?

Log in to the Caixa Tem app. Then click on “Make payments” in the menu. The option allows payments of up to R $ 600. A chat interface will be opened, with options to read the barcode on a boleto or enter the barcode.

Choose whether to scan the barcode with the camera or type. In the first case, just point the phone and the barcode is scanned. If the beneficiary has more than one account at Caixa Econômica Federal, he will be asked which one will be used for payment. Confirm the account details that will have the balance used and confirm the payment. Finally, enter the six-digit password for the Caixa Tem app.

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Emergency aid extended

President Jair Bolsonaro confirmed the extension of emergency aid for four months in the amount of R $ 300. The extension of the aid has already been made official through a provisional measure and will have to be approved by deputies and senators in the National Congress.

“It is not often enough for all needs, but it basically does it. The amount just defined is just over 50% of the Bolsa Família value. So, we decided here, even taking into account the economy over fiscal responsibility, to set it at R $ 300 ”, said Bolsonaro.

The executive deposited five installments of R $ 600 for aid beneficiaries, aiming to help Brazilians low income, informal workers, my, self-employed and unemployed.

President Jair Bolsonaro had already informed about reducing the value benefit and argues that if the light it may seem little to Brazilians affected by the pandemic, “it is a lot for those who pay, in this case, Brazil”.

According to calculations made by the economic team, The monthly cost of benefit was R $ 50 billion per month during the first phase of the program.


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