Learn how you can remove Bing from Windows 10 search


Like other companies, Microsoft has also integrated its offerings into Windows 10, including Bing. In this way, the search for this system can look outside the PC and consult the Internet to obtain even more information.

Of course, not everyone wants to use this feature, trying to eliminate Bing from Windows 10. Microsoft has a simple way to do this, using an area where users normally do not have access. Let’s see how to do it.

Good news for those who don't want Bing on the system

Windows search can be a very important tool in Windows 10. It allows you to find any file and more, using a simple search field. Of course, Microsoft gave you much more with Windows 10, integrating Bing.

Since not everyone wants to look at the Internet and limit the search to your disk, it is important to disable Bing and its capabilities associated with this search. With this change, when doing a search, limit the search to the files that are local.

Windows 10 Bing search Microsoft files

Create a key in the Windows 10 registry

As it is a profound change, it must be performed within the Windows 10 Registry, so that it is permanent. Then start by opening the Registry Editor, something you can do directly by searching the Microsoft operating system itself.

Once inside this app, you must navigate to the path below. If this or any part of it does not exist, you must create it so that you can change this parameter:


Windows 10 Bing search Microsoft files

A simple change that Microsoft brings

Once inside the place where they are going to intervene, accessed by the path above, they must start by creating an entry, type DWORD (32 bits). This will be named “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions”And the value they assign is“1“.

Then, and to finish the process, they just have to restart Windows and re-enter the system. When using search, as they always have, they will notice that search on the Internet and Bing has disappeared. Only local files are found.

Windows 10 Bing search Microsoft files

If they intend to reverse this process, and have Bing back, they should just remove the entry created or change its value from 1 to 0. After that, they must also restart Windows 10, as they did before.

Use this simple process to remove Bing and the Internet from Windows search. It is a recipe that Microsoft itself gives users and as such is safe to apply and use.


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