Leonardo’s ex-son-in-law Sandro Pedroso is deceived by false death


Sandro Pedroso is the ex-husband of Jéssica Costa, Leonardo’s daughter (Photo: Disclosure)

Sandro Pedroso, ex-husband of Jéssica Costa, Leonardo’s daughter, went through the biggest fear of her life last Wednesday (14)

Sandro Pedroso gave a real scare to all his fans and even his family, last Wednesday (14). The ex-husband of Jessica Costa, daughter of Leonardo, supposedly had a heart attack and had to go through some tests to find out what the problem was going on at that moment.

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In an interview with RedeTV! ‘S “A Tarde is Yours” program, the famous man said he was going to the gym and started to feel a very strong tingling in his arm. At the same time, his mouth started to dry out. Upon arriving at his destination, he asked the people present to call an ambulance.

The rescue took a long time to arrive and the academy team preferred to take him to the doctor. Sandro Pedroso had the help of an acquaintance to do the exams and it turned out that no problem was detected. “I really thought it was my last day. And do you know what came to mind in that moment of anguish? How did I say goodbye to each person I love? ”, He wrote on his social networks.

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Jéssica Costa’s ex-husband ended the relationship with Leonardo’s daughter in June, after two years of marriage. The duo spawned Noah, a 3-year-old son. Currently, the boy lives in Goiânia, where the whole family of the backlands also lives.

Sandro Pedroso is the ex-husband of Jéssica Costa, Leonardo's daughter (Photo: Disclosure)
Sandro Pedroso is the ex-husband of Jéssica Costa, Leonardo’s daughter (Photo: Disclosure)

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