Leozinho asks Fedora to marry him | come around


After a super romantic dinner, Leozinho seeks Fedora for an important conversation, but the subject ends up giving a misunderstanding.

Fedora interrupts the alleged Arab heir.

After a brief outbreak of Fedora, Leozinho manages to regain control of the conversation. He says he is not yet married, but is promised to a cousin he has never seen in Saudi Arabia. And you need to get married in a few days, otherwise you will be disowned by the family and you will lose the inheritance. That’s when he takes the opportunity to ask the big question to Fedora.

The Abdalla heiress says she needs to think, but deep down she melts with the idea of ​​marrying Leozinho.

Ai, ai, ai, Fedora … look at the trap …

Let Heart is written by Daniel Ortiz, with collaboration from Flávia Bessone, Isabel Muniz, Patricia Moretzsohn e Nilton Braga, artistic direction of Fred Mayrink and direction of Bia Coelho, Luciano Sabino, Alexandre Klemperer, Teresa Lampreia e Allan Fiterman.

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