Lewandowski votes against, but score is 4 to 3 for the sale of Petrobras refineries


Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), gave the third vote against the possibility of selling refineries by Petrobras without authorization from the National Congress, this Thursday afternoon.

Even so, the STF score was momentarily with four votes in favor, versus three against the operation.

Until that moment, ministers Alexandre de Moraes, Luís Roberto Barroso, Dias Toffoli and Cármen Lúcia voted in favor of the divestment; against, in addition to Lewandowski, the rapporteur of the case, Edson Fachin, and Rosa Weber.

In his vote, Lewandowski spoke out to suspend operations because he understands that there are chances of “misuse of purpose” in operations. He said that a careful assessment of the case is needed.

“There is no need for a specific law to create subsidiaries, but what if you create subsidiaries to slice parent companies, what would that look like? I am not saying this is what is happening, but we have to find out,” he said.

“It is convenient to provide the due explanation to the argumentative line formulated by the Tables of the National Congress, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies”, he reinforced, when positioning himself on the halt of operations.

The action analyzed by the STF was brought by Organs parliamentary bodies.


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