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LG announced the launch in Brazil of the new NanoCell TVs, which have up to 8K resolution and models that reach up to 86 inches. The category, which is a cheaper option compared to the brand’s OLED series, competes in the intermediate segment with Samsung’s Crystal UHD. The new TVs start at 49 inches and promise more crystal clear and vibrant colors.

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The two new 8K models are the first of the brand to be sold in Brazil with the resolution. LG’s NanoCell technology features nanoparticles on the display that can facilitate more precise control over the LCD panel lighting. Thus, the trend is for better clarity in dark scenes and more details in colorful environments.

LG brings two 8K models to the NanoCell line in Brazil – Photo: Disclosure / LG

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Another feature of the new NanoCell TVs is the WCG technology, which should provide the most accurate reproduction of up to 1 billion colors possible. According to LG, conventional televisions do not exceed the range of 16.7 million colors.

The new models in LG’s NanoCell line also feature integrated AMD FreeSync technology, which promises to deliver smoother, flicker-free images in games. The goal is to faithfully display what was devised by the developers.

86-inch model has “only” 4K resolution – Photo: Disclosure / LG

NanoCell devices also have integration with Google Assistant and Alexa to control the main functions through voice commands. In addition, the NanoCell 95 and 96 lines feature “Hands Free” technology, which should allow operations such as turning on and changing the channel without using a remote control.

As for image technologies, the most advanced models in the line have Dolby Vision IQ technology, which, according to LG, should present a more intelligent and automated variation of contrast, colors and brightness when showing films, for example. The audio quality has the Dolby Atmos protocol, the same used in some productions that go to the cinema.

The new models of the LG NanoCell line arrive in six series: NanoCell 96, NanoCell 95, NanoCell 90, NanoCell86, Nano 81 and Nano 79. The cheapest model has 49 inches and 4K resolution, and can be found in online retail at prices that start R $ 2,659.99, according to Compare TechTudo. The largest TV has 86 inches, but “only” 4K resolution, and is seen from R $ 23,499. The 75-inch 8K model can be found starting at R $ 15,999.

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