Lidi Lisboa goes overboard and pee on the bedroom floor


After drinking too much at the party The Farm 12, People of Lisbon began to cause with the participants of the reality show of RecordTV. In addition to asking the pawn for a kiss Lucas Maciel, the famous still peed on the bedroom floor, but seems not to remember that detail.

This Saturday morning (17), Jakelyne Oliveira she told her friend that the house was punished (24 hours without water) for someone having made physiological needs out of place. However, Lidi did not speak up, indicating that she probably does not remember what she did.

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“There is no way to find this out, but we will be without water for 24 hours. Mariano got up and stepped on something wet, then he has to go there and see what it is”, explained Miss to the peoa who apparently had a lot of hangover and didn’t understand much.

Lidi’s name was also involved, indirectly, in another confusion after the party ended this morning. Lucas had an outbreak and started to break the thirst vessels after a comment by Jojo Todynho. The presenter was disgusted when the funkeira said he had hit Lidi’s head on the wall.


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