Lidi Lisboa takes a pee on the floor, in front of the cameras, at ‘Fazenda 12’


Every post-party of ‘Fazenda 12’, broadcast on TV Record, gives something to talk about. And at dawn this Saturday (17th), this was no different. The actress Lidi Lisboa, who participates in the reality show, ended up peeing on the floor of the main room, which resulted in a punishment for all the ‘pedestrians’.

Lidi asked Lucas for kisses, sang a lot, danced and even played with Lipe. But it was the attitude of peeing on the floor that most shocked viewers. As a punishment, the production of the reality imposed that everyone in the house be without water for 24 hours.

The production of the program reported the punishment and the reason for the ‘pawns’, but did not reveal who would have urinated on the floor. In a conversation with Jake, who spoke about the case, Lidi did not confess that it was her.

Jake hoped that everyone had been punished, because ‘someone had done their physiological needs outside the bathroom’. “We came to the conclusion that someone, last night, must have gotten up in the middle of the night and peed in the middle of the room. There is no way to find this out, but we will be without water for 24 hours “, he concluded.

“Mariano got up and stepped on something wet, then he has to go and see if it is, what it is,” she continued. In the conversation, Lidi was quiet. The only thing Lidi said at the end of the conversation was: “I’m leaving, I’m leaving, just like that.”

On the Internet, the situation became a joke and many Internet users died laughing. “Normal, my friend pissed in the car. She didn’t remember anything. Hahahahaha (sic),” said a person on Twitter about the case. “I think Lidi doesn’t remember that it was her, and she remembers that she paid crazy,” wrote another person on the topic.

Check out the video of the peoa peeing on the bedroom floor by clicking on here.

Watch the video of Jake and Lidi’s conversation talking about the punishment by clicking here.


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