Liga explains: Cova da Piedade without excused absence against Estoril


Squad is in isolation due to the many positive cases of covid-19.

The absence of Cova da Piedade in the visit to Estoril, of the eighth round of the II League, scheduled for this Friday, will not be justified, despite the Almadean squad being in isolation due to infections by the new coronavirus.

“The request for a justified absence from Cova da Piedade is not regulated,” Helena Pires, director of competitions for the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), said that the club did not request the postponement of the meeting, scheduled at 18:30.

According to the leader, the LPFP has information from the Health Delegate of Almada and Seixal, Lina María Hernánez, that the entire Cova da Piedade team is in prophylactic isolation, even without all the players being infected.

“This is not the protocoled procedure, which led to the non-postponement of other games. This is a different case, in which the LPFP, at this moment, does not yet know what will happen. We know that three hours before the game, Cova da Piedade had to deliver the players’ medical aptitude certificates and he didn’t do it “, stressed Helena Pires.

At least 15 players from Piedenses are infected with the new coronavirus and two of those who tested negative for SARS-Cov-2 were considered as high risk contacts by the local health authority, which, after conducting the epidemiological survey, determined the isolation measure for the entire squad.

Helena Pires also added that the LPFP is unable to postpone the meeting given the lack of an agreement to do so.

The match sheet for the match with Estoril, scheduled for 18:30, at the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium, in Estoril, must be submitted one hour and 15 minutes before, so the LPFP was waiting for that time to confirm if the same will happen.

If you do not attend the meeting, this absence is communicated by the LPFP to the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), and the number 3 of article 16 of the LPFP Competition Rules determines that “the lack of an unjustified appearance of a club at the official game of a competition for points determines, according to the terms of the Disciplinary Regulation, the attribution to the opposing club of the three points corresponding to the victory “


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