Likes party has reconciliations, Lidi’s ‘silly hand’ in Lucas and fury


From love to hate! The “Likes” party of “A Fazenda 2020”, at dawn today, had a mix of peace with reconciliations, pawns on pawns, ‘silly hand’ and a fury to crown the fifth party of RecordTV’s reality show with a key of gold.

The big news, however, is that there was no punishment after the event for the first time in the 2020 edition of the rural attraction. Do you want to know the ruffles of the night? Come with us!

Nudge festival

Raissa Barbosa’s fury, yesterday afternoon, was the topic of conversation between MC Mirella, Luiza Ambiel and Victória Villarim during the “Likes” party. With no tongue in cheek, Mirella bugged her confinement colleague for being too hesitant with the subsequent bouts of anger.

I gave her the opportunity to become a friend, because Jojo asked me to talk to her. I was very friendly with Raissa, but she is hesitating too much. You’ll have to break your face to learn. I will not speak anymore “.

It went bad, Biel!

Biel took advantage of the atmosphere of peace and love to try to get closer to Jojo Todynho. However, the funkeira didn’t want to talk about not having any desire to ‘exchange ideas’ with the funkeiro.

Biel, pay attention, I’m not a fake person. This is my way. Never in my life will I be quiet with you, I know myself. I wanted to be like the people who put stones on top of things, but I can’t do it “.

No chat with Luiza

Jojo even tried to get there in MC Mirella. The funkeira is irritated by the attitude of Luiza Ambiel, who gossiped Mariano to Biel and caused controversy, and no longer wants to chat with the actress.

Luiza is a person who, for me, has already ended up here. I don’t want to take it outside. I don’t want to and I don’t even want to talk “.


After a strong discussion because of Mariano’s trip to the fifth farm of “A Fazenda 2020”, last Wednesday, Lipe Ribeiro left his ego aside and sought out Lucas Maciel to settle with his friend even before the confinement of the attraction .

“Our friendship is very cool. As we treated each other and defensive, the other was very bad. It may be that it ends and each one goes to one side of the game. But I will not let the friendship end. Those two days were the worst of my life. I swear to god, “said Lipe.

Jake and Sté became friends again

On the other side of the dance floor, Jakelyne Oliveira and Stéfani Bays had a reckoning. After a very close reality show started, the digital influencer decided to move away from the model and the good atmosphere of the “Likes” party revealed the reason: Tays Reis.

“Do you know why I left Jake? Because of Tays. You will see outside that you pushed me away. It pissed me off. I’m jealous and I prefer to walk away because I hate that feeling,” said the peoa.

Jake accepted the message from his open-hearted friend, but warned that his departure was caused by his colleague. “I adore you. In fact, I love you and I will defend you. I just don’t feel like you’re a priority here. I always felt like I was a part out when you had all the girls.”

Biel and Mariano are still not well

And Biel and Mariano? Yes, the pedestrians had an eye-to-eye chat to discuss the confusion of the week that started with the fact that the countryman from the farmer’s funkeiro and the singer’s offenses to Biel revealed by Luiza Ambiel.

“I’m apologizing to you, I was wrong. If you don’t want to forgive, that’s fine, but you can’t stay in that mood. Don’t judge me for a mistake, for a failure,” asked Mariano.

“You didn’t know I was going to come back. You spoke behind my back, I couldn’t defend myself. You said I spent 3 years hiding out. You offended me,” replied Biel.

They, in fact, have not reached a definitive settlement. However, they agreed to have a new conversation throughout today to seal (or not) peace.

What about this kid, Lidi?

Lidi Lisboa got drunk at the “Likes” party and gave her a hard time to go to sleep. In addition to messing around the house, the actress cornered Lucas Maciel to receive a kiss on the mouth and, after the pawn’s refusal, squeezed the genital organ of the youtuber.

The attitude of the peoa generated disapproval on social networks. After all, the act is classified as Lidi’s ‘harassment’ with Lucas Maciel.

Fazenda 2020: Lidi Lisboa squeezed Lucas Maciel’s genital organ after the “Likes” party

Image: Playback / Playplus

Fury attack

Finally, when all the pedestrians withdrew inside the headquarters of “A Fazenda 2020”, the climate of peace turned to war. Lucas Maciel lost control after Jojo Todynho accused him of hitting Lidi’s head on the wall and broke everything around the house.

“It’s very mean. Go take it in the ass. Fuck it. I don’t have that meanness. I’m helping you and tell me I hit her head on the wall. That doesn’t exist “, he shouted.

After controlling himself, the youtuber vented with Lipe Ribeiro and explained that four four vases in the room of the reality show to avoid going on top of the singer.

“Do you think I want to break something? It is so surreal, it is so out of my ordinary, that I had to break it so as not to puncture her mouth. It was horrible”, he lamented.


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