Lipe’s betrayal makes Lidi Lisboa cry and rethink friendship


Lidi Lisboa felt betrayed by Lipe Ribeiro after the formation of the fifth farm of the reality A Fazenda 2020. According to Lucas, the intention was to leave her in the farm and immunize the couple, Mariano and Jakelyne. Come and understand everything.

The formation of the 5th roça of reality The Farm 2020 it was revealing to some pawns! At dawn on Wednesday (14), Lucas Selfie took satisfaction with Lipe Ribeiro about the Lampião Power, which according to him, should have been handed over to People of Lisbon. However, the actress did not receive the promised immunity, so the friendship between her and Lipe was shaken in the game.

Fazenda 2020: Lidi reveals heartache with Lipe after vote

After the program ended live on the Record TV broadcast, the public subscribing to Playplus was able to watch in real time the discussion between Lucas Selfie and Lipe Ribeiro outside the headquarters of the reality show A Fazenda 2020. The bullshit was ugly and Lidi Lisboa, who was in the kitchen, started to suspect the friendship of the ex-MTV. In other words, the actress felt betrayed, because Lipe promised her immunity, if that were the Lampião Power.

“It is a lie about a lie, one pulling the rug from the other. What rotten people, ”said the actress, habaladissima. At dawn, Lucas Selfie entered the headquarters with ‘blood in his eyes’ and delivering all the details of the discussion between Lipe. However, he still understands for Lidi, who for them [Mariano, Jake e Lipe] she would be in the place of the countryman in the country. “Do you know what they wanted? May I save them and let you fall in the fields ”, handed Selfie, about the bullshit with Lipe in A Fazenda 2020.


As predicted, the revelation of Selfie made the protagonist of Jezabel understand that Lipe Ribeiro’s plan was always to put her in the spotlight, and save the couple [Mariano e Jakelyne Oliveira].

Lidi vent with Tays at the tree house

During a chat with the rocker Tays Reis at the tree house, Lidi said: “I don’t know if I will believe [no Lipe]. Guys, what a shame. I understand that it is a game, but it is not so much either. I felt humiliated when Lucas arrived and told me in front of Stéfani and Mirella ”. She continued: “If so, I will go. I work to earn R $ 1.5 million. ”

“I found it so humiliating to believe in a person [Lipe] and then find out something like that. I’m naive, I know, but hey… ”, lamented the peoa. From the same point of view, Tays agreed with his friend. Then, Miss Brazil 2013 Jakelyne Oliveira entered and revealed her opinion in A Fazenda 2020: “I don’t think that was his plan, no. But everything destabilized when he didn’t give you immunity. ”

Lidi cries alone at the reality show headquarters

Outside the headquarters of the reality show A Fazenda 2020, Lidi Lisboa did not stop crying and collapsed alone. While crying, the actress blurted out a few words: “I’m tired ”, she said in solitary outburst.


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