Liverpool could lose Van Dijk to what’s left of the season – Liverpool


Defense left injured against Everton and fear the worst

The Merseyside derby did not end with the result Liverpool intended (a two-goal draw) and to make matters worse the reds also saw Virgil Van Dijk, one of his stars, leave due to an apparently serious injury after a violent entry by Jordan Pickford . According to the English press, the Dutchman even risks not playing again this season, as a ligament problem in his left knee is suspected, something that if confirmed will effectively leave the player out of action for a long period of at least seven months. .

Without giving any great details, not least because the results of the exams were not yet known, Klopp was ready for the worst. “It is not good. Virgil has played so many games in a row and the fact that he cannot continue is because it is not a good thing.”

In addition to Van Dijk’s injury, in a move that did not result in any punishment for Pickford (supposedly because the play was invalidated out of play), the reds left the field to complain about Richarlison’s action on Thiago. In that move, the Everton striker really saw the red card and left the complainant Spaniard – despite having played all the time. After the match, Klopp also spoke of this situation and assumed that, like the Dutchman, he awaits the results of the exams.

Richarlison apologized

The situation involving Richarlison and Thiago led to a lot of criticism and the toffees striker was even forced to go public to apologize. “Everyone who knows my past knows that I am not a violent player. What happened today was a fatality, due to my maximum dedication. I did not enter this game with the intention of hurting Thiago. When I saw that I was going to hit him, collect the foot and ended up hitting him in the knee, which was inevitable due to the speed of the move “, justified the striker.

By Fábio Lima


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