Local doctors are asking Trump to cancel


In the state of Wisconsin, nearly 4,000 new infections were confirmed yesterday. This is the highest number recorded in Wisconsin since the pandemic broke out. The second highest number of infected people was registered on Thursday this week.

Every fourth test in the state comes back positive, according to CBS News, and residents have been told to avoid rallies – including political ones.

Tonight, however, a political meeting is planned in the state, when Donald Trump continues his election campaign tour in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Trump today continues his election campaign tour, first visiting Michigan and then Wisconsin.

GEORGIA: It did not take long before Trump reached out to his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, whom he called “possibly the worst presidential candidate ever.”
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– Danger to public health

In Wisconsin, several local doctors, including Dr. Bob Freedland, have called for the entire event to be canceled.

“President Trump’s rallies are endangering public health, while at the same time they have become platforms for him to spread inaccurate medical information,” Freedland told CBS.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers shares the concern:

– Unless something extraordinary happens, he (Trump) calls for a super-spreader event.

– As governor of the state of Wisconsin, I will personally ask him if those present want to wear face masks and keep their distance, Evers continues to Spectrum News.

Wisconsin is among the swing states considered the most important this year, along with Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona.

– Precautions

According to a spokesman for the Trump campaign, clear precautions have been taken before tonight’s event.

“Each participant gets to control the temperature, gets a mask that they are asked to wear, and has access to amounts of antibac,” says press secretary Courtney Parella in a statement.

– We have also put up signs at our events, which instruct the participants to use the mouthpiece, Parella continues.

FLORIDA: Hundreds of people wait for hours for President Donald Trump to speak at an election rally in Florida. – Trump is fantastic, many of those present believe. Video: Trym Mogen / Dagbladet
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– Prioritizes the seriousness

Trump’s opponent for the election, Joe Biden, has noted Trump’s choice of destination tonight, and given the following comment:

– President Trump deliberately downgrades the severity of the virus. On almost every occasion, he panics and wants it gone, instead of embarking on the hard work of getting it under control, Biden says according to CNN.

STRONG FIND: Trump faced opposition from the wind when he spoke in Michigan. Video: AP
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Infection record

Last Friday, 69,000 new cases of infection were reported in the United States, CBS reports. This is the highest number of registered new infections since July, the newspaper writes.

According to John Hopkins University, the exact number of infected yesterday was 63,610 people.


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