Los Grandes is relegated to Serie B


A The big ones is the first team downgraded to the Serie B Series Free Fire Brazilian League (LBFF). In Group A, the team only had this Saturday (17) to score, did not take advantage and ended up being stuck in the relegation zone with 775 points. Behind the LGD is to New X, who despite 771 points, returns to play on Sunday (18) and may escape from Series B.

New even made a BOOYAH! and was the third best team in Round 17, lagging behind RED Kalunga e Santos, who doubled. Peixe, in fact, is practically confirmed in the first place, given that the other teams in the Top 4 are all from Group A, who will not play again.

The closest to overtaking is the Flamengo, who makes his last takedowns tomorrow, but needs more than 200 points to reach 1st place. Irregular, the Black Dragons did the other BOOYAH! of the six falls.

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See the match summary:

LBFF – 3rd stage
Groups: C, A
BOOYAH !: Santos (Purgatory, Purgatory), RED (Kalahari, Bermuda), Black Dragons (Bermuda), New X (Kalahari)

At the end of the match in Purgatório, a classic from São Paulo: Santos and Corinthians, who played very well from the beginning to the end of the fall, decided on BOOYAH !, which ended up being for Peixe. Abusing the numerical advantage in the 4×3, Meninos da Vila advanced on Timão and confirmed the triumph with 48 points and 14 kills. Black Dragons and New X also survived until the end, but ended up being pressured by the gas and were eliminated before fighting for BOOYAH !.


Kalahari was the stage for BOOYAH! da Matilha: GOD arrived strong to decide the fall, but ended up losing in the striking against FURIA, which had help from Santos – pressured by RED Kalunga – to finish the Gods. After the fall of GOD, the three survivors fought each other and only one player from each team survived. Wanheda was decisive and won the decisive confrontation against Lobato (Santos) and MEMGOD (FURIA) to confirm the victory of RED Kalunga, who closed the fall with 32 points and six kills.


Below the usual in the first falls, the Black Dragons came back on top and appeared well in Bermuda, marking the BOOYAH! with 40 points and 10 kills. After winning the duel against Santos, the final opponent of the BD was Cruzeiro: Horus, the only one alive on the part of Raposa, did not hold the pressure of the Dragons’ trio and ended up finishing in the last striking.

The SS also appeared well in the fall and added 31 points. The surprise was Tami, who reappeared after several weeks out of the squad. Celeste, in turn, scored 27 points.


Purgatory showed up again and Santos scored a double: there were 40 points and 10 kills for Peixe, who had a decisive one9 at the end of the fall against Vivo Keyd and New X. After eliminating the GOD, the Warriors were pressured by Santos and almost have been completely eliminated. Kbção survived, held position as long as he could and was a base later.

In the final duel against New, the troop led by Raposo did not have to do it: it was Santos or gas. Abusing the best position, the Meninos da Vila did not give space for the opponents to surrender to the electric zone and added the slaughters that confirmed BOOYAH !.


In the race against relegation – confirmed for Los Grandes early in the match – New X appeared again at the end of the fall, but this time signed BOOYAH !. It was an incredible 54 points and 17 kills added by the GGeasy team. In the decision against RED and FURIA, New did not give space to the opponents and worked very well on their survival: from a distance, Porcão applied with the SVD on top of the Matilha and made room for the rest of the team to advance towards the Panthers, eliminated soon in sequence.


In the last fall, another double: with a more favorable position and all players alive, RED Kalunga scored a BOOYAH! smart at the end of the match in Bermuda, where he scored 42 points. The GOD team got involved in striking against the SS and did not arrive well to fight against Matilha, which with eliminations of the double Bossão and Wanheda confirmed the triumph with 11 kills.


The LBFF returns this Sunday to the last six falls of the group stage. Group C, principal of Week 9, will receive Group B from 1pm. The matches are broadcast live on BOOYAH !, Garena’s platform, YouTube and SporTV channels.


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