Luan Santana prepares live to help the Pantanal and talks about the region: ‘Direct connection with God’ | Celebrity


While preparing a special live as a “cry for help to your Pantanal” for next month, Luan Santana embarked this weekend to Mexico, where he intends to meet Latin composers and record new songs. The goal of the singer, who has 70 million followers on social networks and about 90 awards won in music – including the Domingão Trophy – Best of the Year, is to invest more and more in the international career.

Born in Campo Grande and godfather of the Instituto Arara Azul for six years, Luan amplifies the support that his region so badly needs at the moment of record burning. The live is scheduled for 11/22 and intends to raise funds for the movement “O Pantanal Chama”, from the institution SOS Pantanal. The show will take place in the middle of the Paraguay River, directly from a hut, with a live exhibition through the channels of the artist and institutions linked to the movement.

“I’m going to do the live of November 22 right there, showing everything that is happening in the Pantanal. Not only because I am from Mato Grosso do Sul, but because we are Brazilians. This is a national tragedy, which affects all biomes that Brazil has. Experts guarantee that there has never been so many fires. They are endless, strong and intense fires. strong with nature that you feel in direct connection with God “, says Luan.

Luan Santana is involved in a project to support his region of origin – Photo: Disclosure

The idea is also to launch thematic products (on the Pantanal) for your virtual store, with income going to the institution linked to the project. “A month ago I joined my social networks to talk about the ‘O Pantanal Chama’ project, alerting companies and asking the population to fight now and save this paradise”, he adds.

Luan also prepares the auction of one of his costumes used in the recent DVD, “Viva”. The donation will revert to the Arara Azul Institute.

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Luan left for Mexico this weekend – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

‘Príncipe’ Luan’s trip to Mexico, as he is also called by fans, is the beginning of a promising future. Work will not be lacking. So much so that he only returns to Brazil on the 30th, ready to turn his attention to the next live and the recent cause he embraced.


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