Lucas Lucco’s dog dies after undergoing surgery: ‘I will miss you very much’ – 10/04/2020


Lucas Lucco and pet dog

Playback / Instagram

De Splash, in São Paulo

04/10/2020 12h56

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Uaiti must have been through the streets for a while, but since we met it was just joy and gratitude. We expressed our feeling all the time and it went on until the end. I appreciate the opportunity. I will miss my partner very, very much. ADOPT a friend, he will love you very much!
Lucas Lucco

Uati was a street dog rescued by Lucas. He had a puncture in his stomach and an inflammation in his pancreas, the result of the action of an object he had ingested when he lived on the street. The puppy was operated on for five hours at the veterinary hospital.

Lucas even visited him after the procedure and was hopeful about his recovery, even asking for prayers from fans on social media. And the singer was moved and cried with the drama of the dog. We would do the very same thing, Lucco.

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