Lucas Maciel and Lipe Ribeiro do the pases during the party


After a few days without speaking because of the formation of the 5th garden in The Farm 12, Lipe Ribeiro e Lucas Maciel used the peaceful atmosphere of the “Likes” party to make peace and continue with the partnership on RecordTV’s reality show. Lipe was advised by Jakelyne Oliveira to put an end to the fight and resume friendship with the pawn.

The businessman then approached Lucas and apologized for the confusion last Wednesday (14): “We can go to different sides in the game, but we will never let our friendship end because of this game,” said Lipe. “There is so much for you to say and you come to say this shit?” Replied Lucas.

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“I don’t want to talk about the game, I just want to say that our friendship is more than anything. Everyone comes and asks that we are going to fight? We can never fight ”. “Our friendship is very cool. How we treated the other and defended the other was very bad. It may be that this will end and everyone will go to one side of the game, but I will not let the friendship end. Those two days were the worst of my life. I swear to God, ”he said.

“Why weren’t you talking to me?” Asked Lucas. With you and Lidi Lisboa. They are the two people closest to me ”. replied the businessman. Lucas Maciel then assured his friend that there is no longer any feeling of anger or hatred due to the confusion: “I made a mistake in our conversation outside. I was totally wrong. I don’t have the same smart thinking that you do. I don’t have that thought you have ”, concluded Lipe. Lucas outlined a small discussion about having received the power of the red flame in the last vote, but he also declared that he had lived horrible days without Lipe and both embraced.


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