Luciana Abreu loses first encounter with ‘ex’ – a Boil


To war between Luciana Abreu and the ex-partner, Daniel Souza, is far from over and there will still be many clashes in court ahead. However, the regulation of parental responsibilities for Amoor and Valentine is now complete. The twins spend 15 days with each parent, whenever possible and, when they start attending school, there will be a new assessment. What was also defined was the amount of the alimony and there, Lucy suffered the first defeat in the process.

Domestic violence
The actress, who is exclusive to SIC and who receives a fixed salary of 6 thousand euros, demanded from the tour guide an amount of 800 euros per month for each daughter. However, the value stipulated by the court fell short of that: 230 euros each.
Next Wednesday, the ex-couple will meet in court to sign the divorce papers. After that, they will confront each other in the domestic violence process brought by Luciana Abreu. But there is still one more war to decide: Daniel sued the ‘ex’ for defamation.


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