Luciana Abreu – The hilarious video where, unintentionally, the daughter ends up being the protagonist!


Luciana Abreu I was making a video for social networks announcing the next destination of the Domingão program, but it ended up being the daughter Lyonce the protagonist of the video.

The actress’s eldest daughter was filming her mother and the moment Luciana reveals that the next Sunday afternoon program at SIC will be in Cascais, the camera turns and it is Lyonce who appears … very distressed.

In the video it is possible to see the girl’s face in surprise when she sees herself on the screen and warns her mother of what had happened. Resuming the initial recording, Luciana Abreu is seen laughing out loud. A fun moment between mother and daughter that the actress made a point of sharing with fans.

Luciana Abreu is also the mother of Lyannii and twins Amoor e Valentine.

See the video in the gallery above.

Twins away from their father for eight months

Luciana Abreu’s youngest daughters have not been with her father, Daniel Souza, for eight months. It was last February that the tour guide was, for the last time, with Amoor and Valentine, just two years old.

The couple have shared custody of the girls, but the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that Daniel Souza left Portugal to go live with his new girlfriend in South America has prevented Luciana Abreu’s ex-husband from being with the twins. . The last time the children were with their father was last February.

Text: Ana Lúcia Sousa; Photos: Instagram

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