Luciana Gimenez asks followers’ guess to choose bikini


Luciana Gimenez used Instagram Stories to ask the public for their opinion. In a video posted on the social network, she tried on 8 different bikini models and asked fans which one to wear for her birthday celebration.

“Guys, what do you think? I’m going to put a lot of bikini here. They are to take to my birthday. What do you think of this? I’m going to put the next one on,” she said at the beginning of the sequence.

Luciana Gimenez asked public opinion

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @lucianagimenez

During the recording, Luciana needed help to show one of the models. “Don’t drop it,” joked the person who held the camera over the bikini worn by the presenter.

To end the sequence, Luciana opened an answer box so that fans could point out which model was more beautiful. She celebrates her 51st birthday next Tuesday (3).

In a program recorded as part of the anniversary celebration, Luciana Gimenez interviewed her sons Lucas Jagger (21 years old) and Lorenzo (9 years old). Vera Gimenez, mother of the presenter, also made a participation.


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