Luciano Camargo gets emotional with ‘second mother’ and says he didn’t have child pictures


In a participation in the “Encontro” to promote his gospel album, Luciano, from the duo with Zezé, was moved to remember details of his childhood, receiving a testimony from Marlene, his older sister, whom he refers to as a “second mother” .

The sertanejo sang his new work song, the praise “Tempo”, and when he saw a photo next to his sister, he remembered that he was singing a religious song with her when their mother, Helena, asked her son to do work related to the church .

Bowl dying of missing her. We talk every week, every day. And, Fatima, I am the only one from family that didn’t get covid. And so, in this moment of uncertainty, you talk to the doctor and he says: ‘Ah, it’s better you do not go’. So, since the covid started, I don’t see my father, I only see him by Facetime, I only see my mom by Facetime. And this sister of mine was the one who raised me, and it was with her that I was singing praise when my mother made the request “, he detailed in a conversation with Fátima Bernardes, this morning.

Already moved, Luciano was moved to tears when watching the special testimony that Marlene sent to the program.

“You know why I call you son, right? Because when a baby was born at home, only a man was born. And I wanted a girl, so when you were born I told mom that I was going to hit you because I didn’t want to another male boy, I wanted a girl. So, mommy said to me, ‘Look, if you take care of him properly, help me wash his clothes, help take care of him, I give him for you’. So I grew up saying that you were mine “, remembered the countryman ‘s sister.

He spared no praise for his foster mother, who said she still considered him “her eldest son”, saying that Marlene is “one of the most enlightened beings on Earth”.

“This girl, Fátima, she was born for donate. Marlene raised me, raised all the brothers. At the age of 9, she already had this task of taking care of all of us. All I know about chores at home was from her that I learned. It’s her yes doing something that, we are born, and who takes care of us is the father, it is the mother, with time the son becomes a father. Marlene yes having this opportunity, because now she is the direct caregiver of our father and mother. Marlene, in my view, is one of the most enlightened beings that exist on Earth “, he concluded.

During his participation in the morning of TV Globo, Luciano told another curiosity of his childhood: That he had no photographic record of his first years of life until receiving a single photo from an old neighbor.

“You know I don’t have it, right? I have a photo as a child. And this photo, it’s interesting to tell this story, I didn’t have my image as a child, 4, 5 years old. I had it in my head my image of the 12 years old here. Then, about 5 years ago, a girl I met as a child, was a neighbor of ours, she sent me a photo “, he said, when asked by Fátima about the lack of images in search for the production of the “Encounter”.

“And when she sent it, that memory of my face was born in me, because the moment I saw it I remembered myself as a child. I have the image thanks to Eliane, a girl I met as a child and she gave me this photo. the only photo I have as a child, “he added.


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