Luciano, considered gay, makes a final text and confirms to Brazil: “Couldn’t”


Luciano Camargo opened his heart (Photo: reproduction)

The singer expressed his feelings for his wife in a big text and gave what to talk on social networks for the love he feels fervently

Luciano Camargo, who is part of the famous country duo with his brother Zezé, opened his heart on his social networks last Friday (16), to express everything he feels for his wife, Flávia Fonseca. At the time, they were completing 17 years of marriage.

“17 years of union, communion, sharing life for two, then increasing with our daughters… Adding to courtship, there are 20…”, started the country singer, publishing a photo of the wedding to represent the union and show how the moment went to his followers.

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“With you forever, not only because the act of loving is eternal. But because love is combined at all times, when the act is eternalized in the encounter of your gaze. From waking up to sleeping, from dreams together, from overcoming and believing … Acts move us in a single sense: to feel one “, continued Luciano Camargo.

“When I chose the date of October 16th to marry my beloved, I didn’t know that three times she would be so important to me. It’s the food day – and what’s the biggest food for life? Knowing the word of God and in the Bible it says that Jesus is the bread of life, Jesus is love, and no one gives the real bread if there is no love…. ”, continued the singer, brother of Zezé.

In the spotlight for some decades now, Luciano Camargo has been the target of numerous speculations and attacks on his sexuality, coming mainly from Cleo Loyola, his first wife, mother of Wesley Camargo.

According to Youtuber and now a candidate for councilor in the city of Aparecida Goiânia, in the state of Goiás, the sertanejo singer would not only be gay but would also have had numerous cases with transvestites and transsexuals while they were still married. In the face of controversy, the story was never confirmed.

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