Luiza Ambiel alerts Raissa about Lucas Maciel


At the end of today, Luiza Ambiel and Raissa Barbosa relaxed a little in the hot tub of “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV). The two talked about the game and Luiza took advantage of the moment to alert Raissa about her affair in confinement, Lucas Maciel. According to the actress, on the day that she had the dynamic “Ferra Peão”, the model ended up losing her mind later in the room with Carol Narizinho, for being stressed with Lucas.

The actress also said that she wants to talk to the presenter later because she is a little hurt with him: “He was doubting that I hurt his foot, be careful because he keeps playing teasing”. Raissa agreed saying that she had already noticed this and her eyes filled with tears.

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