Luiza Ambiel is requested by courtship by Cartolouco on the stage of ‘Hora do Faro’ – 10/23/2020


Luiza Ambiel’s departure from “A Fazenda 2020” generated a lot of bullshit – and it is not for nothing that her participation in “A Fazenda – The last chance” would also be bombastic. The actress opened her heart during the “Hora do Faro” program and said that, despite not giving in to Cartolouco’s attacks on the house, the possibility crossed her mind.

“I thought about giving a kiss [no Cartolouco] hidden from the house, “she said.

The atmosphere of romance, however, did not stop there and Lucas Strabko even asked Luiza Ambiel to officially date on the show’s stage. “I’m old enough to make you happy,” said the journalist.

With a bouquet of flowers in his hand and, according to him, a shower, Cartolouco reinforced the request in public. “We are still getting married, Luiza,” he said.

The two lived a love-hate relationship within the rural reality show. Both were very close in the first week, but the journalist ended up ‘cheating’ and helping to put her in the field. After days of discussions and swearing, the actress and the journalist got closer and she even gave him a peck as a birthday present.

The pawn, however, threw the participant into the field for the second time and friendship within the confinement shuddered. After leaving the program, the journalist sent the real one and stated that he has a crush on the actress, but that he had a “back foot” within the confinement because she was “gossipy”.

Fire in the hay

Among the controversies, Luiza explained her point of view about the bullshit with Jakelyne Oliveira during the farm. For her, the miss was malicious when mentioning her daughter in the justification of the vote in which she eliminated the actress from the program. “If it wasn’t for the sandpaper, I would have jumped on her neck,” he defended.

At the time, Jakelyne stated that “it is clear that anyone who disagrees with you, you attack with ten stones” and that it was “very clear that your 12-year-old daughter is more mature than you”.

After his indication to the farm, the ex-peoa called other confined people in the house to talk about situations he would like to expose, and started a discussion that involved almost all the participants.

On the episode, Luiza commented that the attitude was a form of revenge towards some colleagues. “I was very hurt. I let myself act out of anger. I wanted to get revenge on Jake and Raissa,” he said.

During the meeting, the actress stated that Raissa told her that she saw Jake Oliveira and Lipe Ribeiro kissing after a party. Luiza had also accused Mariano of having someone else out of the house and that the affair with Jake would be calculated by both, which raised a lot of revolt by the singer.

“You know I can’t stand putting my manhood at stake,” said Mariano at the time.

The most fake

During the conversation with Faro, Luiza did not measure words to point out defects and qualities of the pedestrians with whom he spent the last months and defined Mateus Carrieri as the most “plant” among his colleagues.

“He has the opportunity to appear and does not appear and is the one who does what Jojo does most [Todynho] would you like. Mateus disappointed me “, she said. The pinpricks did not stop there: the actress still defended that the” most false “of the confinement would be Lidi Lisboa and Tays Reis.

Backstage fight

This afternoon, the backstage of the program’s recording was shared by the comedian Victor Sarro, who showed some of the scenes of mouth-watering starring the actress during the program. It was even speculated that Luiza left the “A Hora do Faro” studios. The information, however, was denied by RecordTV.

“Hora do Faro” will air this Sunday on RecordTV.


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