Luiza cries when taking punishment for eating outside the stall and putting candy in her pocket


After a party full of punishments, this time it was Luiza Ambiel who broke the rules of “A Fazenda 12”.

The paoa took a candy from the stall to eat, but was punished as soon as she passed the door and tried to hide the traces of the food in the robe pocket.

While some pedestrians were inside the headquarters talking about yesterday’s party – and the punishments it brought – Gugu’s ex-bathtub was crying with sadness for having committed the infraction.

‘Guess who …’

The siren sounded and the pedestrians gathered to find out what the punishment would be. While Luiza was taking a nap, farmer Mariano read that it was “forbidden to take or ingest any type of food and drink, in the whole area of ​​animals”.

Soon after the singer finished reading the punishment – running out of coffee until the next replacement – Raissa recalled that Luiza was the only participant who was outside, close to the animals.

Guess who gave the punishment? I don’t even need to say anything, right ?!

Friction with Jojo

Earlier, Luiza Ambiel went to Jojo Todynho to try to make amends, but failed. The singer of the hit “Que Tiro Foi Esse” moved away from the former model after being upset by her posture in “A Fazenda 12”. Luiza came to be seen as gossip in the house and causing intrigue for that.

“I admire your story, what you went through to get where you got to. But the attitudes that I have been gathering for a long time have disappointed me. I will talk cordially, but I don’t want to have contact. For admiring you and for being affectionate, you are the last person that I want to get out of me. So that doesn’t happen, what remains unsaid and each one in his square “, said Jojo.


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