Luxury bunkers promise to protect billionaires


A new housing market is emerging. Several companies around the world are creating super luxurious hiding places to protect billionaire customers from any risk.

The Vivos Europa One complex in Rothenstein, Germany, is about 307,000 square meters and was used as a fortress of military equipment by the Soviets during the Cold War. The bunker has been completely transformed into a 500 m² private accommodation complex.

Access for owners is free at any time, not just in an emergency. The complex has a swimming pool, market, bar, cinema and library. The space has 34 residences that sell for around € 2 million.

However, the “largest billionaire bunker in the world” is in the Czech Republic. The Oppidum was built over 10 years and has an underground area of ​​7 thousand m². The final project is built according to the owner’s specifications, but the initial plans include an underground garden, swimming pool, spa, cinema and wine cellar.

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