Magazine Luiza buys ComSchool digital business school – Money Times


The platform has courses from free to training of 7 thousand reais (Image: Money Times / Gustavo Kahil)

THE Luiza stores (MGLU3) announced on Thursday the purchase of the ComSchool course platform, for an undisclosed amount, seeking to expand and strengthen the business capacity of the 32 thousand sellers registered in its marketplace.

Founded in 2008, ComSchool offers around 200 courses in the areas of digital marketing, e-commerce and social networks.

The platform has courses from free to training of 7 thousand reais. Now it will also offer training courses for marketplace sellers, teaching them how to run their businesses and how to sell more.

According to Magazine Luiza’s marketplace director, Leandro Soares, the channel will also serve to help entrepreneurs with analog operations to learn about e-commerce and digital businesses, leveraging the marketplace’s salesperson base.

“Brazil has about 5 million salespeople with strictly physical businesses, and part of our plan is to teach these entrepreneurs about e-commerce and bring them into our marketplace,” said Soares, explaining that he will offer members attractive prices for courses.

The platform, with 25 employees, will continue to be managed by the four current partners, including Maurício Salvador.

In the last few months, Magazine Luiza bought the startups AiQFome, Hubsales and Stoq, Inloco’s media platform and the technology news site Canaltech, after capturing 4.2 billion reais last November in a share offering.


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