Magazine Luiza shares fell


One day after breaking the record of R $ 104, Magazine Luiza’s shares fell 1.58% today on the Stock Exchange. Right after the opening of the trading session, at 10 am, the paper was worth R $ 26.50 and, throughout the day, it decreased until reaching the R $ 25.16 mark – the lowest value of the day.

During the afternoon there was a slight recovery in value and, at the end of the day, it rose again reaching R $ 25.59, but even so it was not able to reverse the fall compared to yesterday. The paper was among the most traded today and also on the list of the biggest casualties (1.58%).

Yesterday, Magazine Luiza’s shares were among the biggest positive contributions to the Stock Exchange, having renewed a record price before the new stock split. The action is called Magazine Luiza ON. Only yesterday did the demand for papers increase by 5.96%, reaching a market value of almost R $ 169 billion.


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