Magda Cotrofe says she finds it difficult to believe in love after an abusive relationship


1980s model and muse Magda Cotrofe revealed that she lost faith in love after finding herself trapped in an abusive relationship. In an interview with Extra, she said she was feeling undermined by her partner.

“I never thought I was going to go through this in my life, because I always believed in love. But, when you see that all that promised love has turned into nothing, it’s hard to keep believing,” said Magda.

For her, the worst part was leaving the relationship without recognizing herself anymore. “It happened to me. The guy shapes you so much, and you keep leaving to keep what you have. And then you don’t recognize yourself anymore. It’s the abusive relationship that is undermining you, making you feel like crap,” he said.

It takes me a while to realize that the other’s energy is bad, since I am always open to doing good.

Model suffered harassment

In the Extra interview, Magda reported a series of sexual harassments she suffered while working as a model.

Once, in the interior of the country, I went to do a parade and a man appeared with a suitcase at the door of my room at the hotel. He wanted to buy me. And I heard him say, before I slam the door, ‘But it’s money’.

The model, who was responsible for launching the hang gliding bikini fashion, once went for a test in Ipanema, in Rio, and was surprised.

“I got there, with my material, a believer that it was real work. But the guy looked at me and said: ‘It’s not like that …’ Oh what a hate.

“In fact, that was my way of dealing with harassment: in the rudeness of it.”

Magda said that she stopped going to Morocco with Joãosinho 30 – a carnival 9 times champion of Rio Carnival – out of fear. “I had been told to be careful because if a sheikh wanted me, he was able to make me stay. I was afraid of being kidnapped and I didn’t go.”

Similarity to the niece

Magda Cotrofe has a “clone”: niece Deborah, who is 28 years younger, looks a lot like her aunt.

The photo posted on Instagram looks like a time travel, as it is like seeing Magda in the past and in the present at the same time. Deborah, in turn, studies Veterinary Medicine at UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense), but also acts as a model.


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