Majorstua murder – Johanna killed: – Our only suspect


Two years have passed since the murder of Heikki Bjørklund Paltto in the collective where he lived at Majorstua. The trial against Makaveli Lindén starts on Monday.

The 22-year-old Swede has already confessed to the murder of the 24-year-old, who became a completely random victim in his own home.

While the trial in Norway is ongoing, the police in Belgium are waiting. They have something unresolved with the man accused of murder.

While Lindén quickly admitted the murder at Majorstua, he has refused to explain himself about a murder of Johanna Jostameling (58), which he is suspected of having carried out in the Belgian city of Mechelen on October 21, 2018 – six days after he escaped from Norway. Dagbladet can now reveal new details about the police investigation.

– My son has been killed, and I will never get him back

Cruel find

According to Dagbladet’s information, it must have been four days before the death was discovered. Then a neighbor of Jostameling must have discovered that her mailbox was full. The neighbor therefore chose to visit the 58-year-old.

However, the woman’s apartment turned out to be unlocked. Inside, the neighbor was greeted by gruesome scenes.

Listen to Dagbladet’s podcast Right on, about the murder at Majorstua below.

The apartment must have been turned upside down, cupboards were open and furniture was overturned. In the bedroom the light was on. On the bed lay the 58-year-old killed with a series of stab wounds. The perpetrator was nowhere to be seen.

The police quickly launched an extensive investigation. Surveillance photos were collected, and a suspect was observed as he left the building where Jostameling had an apartment. According to Dagbladet’s information, the pictures were of good quality and should have shown Makaveli Lindén.

RIGHT: Johanna Jostameling was found dead, 58 years old. Photo: Private
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Mobile tracked

After leaving the apartment, the police followed the surveillance cameras down to the train station about a kilometer away. From there, the man went on the train to Dijon in France.

With him, he is said to have had both valuables and Jostameling’s mobile phone. This is said to have been used along the way, and Belgian police were able to track down Lindén, who was apprehended by special forces when he arrived in Dijon.

According to Belgian police, the 58-year-old was a random victim, and the murder has several similarities with the murder at Majorstua. Belgian police have been in both France and Norway in an attempt to interrogate Lindén, without having succeeded in this.

HISTORY: Swedish Makaveli Lindén was arrested in Dijon, France on October 23, after a large-scale hunt over large parts of Europe. Video: Nicolai Delebekk Still image: Christian Roth Christensen
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– Our only suspect

In addition to the murder at Majorstua, Lindén is accused of robbing a man in a parking garage near a collective where Paltto was found killed. According to Dagbladet’s information, the Belgian police are also investigating a robbery in Mechelen, shortly before the murder of Jostameling. A young student is said to have been robbed of his bicycle, but escaped unharmed from the incident.

Lindén is our only suspect in the case. We had people in Norway, and there the countries agreed that Norway had first priority. When the trial is completely finished in Norway, he will be transferred to Belgium. Then the case is properly investigated here, before there is a trial, says spokesman for the case in Belgium, Kristof Aerts, to Dagbladet.

If Lindén is taken to Belgium after the trial in Oslo and convicted there, he risks 30 years in prison. For the time being, however, the investigation and the case are at rest, pending the outcome in Norway.

Fleeing through Europe: Here he was taken

Fleeing through Europe: Here he was taken

Confirms silence

Lindén’s defense counsel in connection with the trial in Norway, lawyer Øystein Storrvik, confirms that the Belgian police have been here and tried to interrogate his client. He tells Dagbladet that he does not want to speculate about why Lindén has explained in detail about the murder of Heikki Bjørklund Paltto, while he has not wanted to say anything to the police from Belgium.

– But I can confirm that he did not want to explain himself about it in Belgium, says Storrvik.

The lawyer further says that the murder of Jostameling will not be a topic during the trial in Norway. Whether Storrvik himself will get a role if Lindén has to appear in court in Belgium, and possibly what role this will be, is currently uncertain.


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