Maju Coutinho and Globo are sued for R $ 800,000 for “destroying life”


Globo presenter Maju Coutinho and the network itself are being sued by a man who claims to have his life “destroyed” after being accused of racism against the journalist.

In 2015 Kaike Batista appeared in an article in Jornal Nacional being accused of racist attacks on Maju.

He was acquitted by the Justice for lack of evidence and now wants a financial compensation from Globo for the traumas he claims to have suffered:

“My life has changed. I had a job for four years, had a home and had my dignity. I lost everything even though I was innocent and had no hard evidence against me.

The only thing that involved me in posting racism was the comments of two people who said: ‘The Kaíque who sent us here’. I didn’t publish anything! I was tried, harassed and accused in all media. Now that I have been acquitted, no one came to me ”.

His lawyer defends that “the destruction of a young man, due to false information of crime that lasted throughout the process, thanks to the advertising by Rede Globo, who played the Kafkaesque role and his employee, who to maintain the arguments of the powerful sustained a lie”.

Sought, TV Globo said it does not comment on trial cases.

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