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The fun couple Blake Lively (33) and Ryan Reynolds (44) are known for joking with a bit of everything in their social media channels. There was no exception when they posted about Reynolds’ experience as a first-time voter in the United States.

The actor couple were recently criticized for carrying out their wedding, but now the “Gossip-Girl” star and her husband have joined forces to encourage young people to vote in this year’s election.

Shares first photo as grandparents

Reynolds, known from the Marvel movie “Deadpool” and the upcoming movie “Free Guy”, received his dual citizenship in 2018, according to Fox News.

The star, who was born in Vancouver, now has both US and Canadian citizenship. This means that he could vote in this year’s presidential election.

SURPRISES: Kylie Jenner threw the clothes on Instagram earlier, and that contributed to a surprising effect.
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The couple is not alone in spreading the message, because there are several celebrities riding the huge wave that encourages their followers to vote. Previously, Kylie Jenner (23), among others, has undressed on social media to ask her followers if they have registered to vote.

Reveals new leak

Reveals new leak

Thank you wife

In the “Deadpool” star’s post, he describes the experience he had when he voted for the first time as a US citizen.

He admits that it was scary to lose his virginity as a first-time voter, but points out that it eventually became an exciting experience.

Reynolds concludes the caption by writing: “I’m a little tired now, but proud. #VoteEarly ». By the way, the subject line is an encouragement to everyone in the USA to vote early.

In the post, he also thanks his wife for making the first time experience much more “careful and loving”.

SURPRISES: Kylie Jenner threw her clothes on Instagram earlier this week. It contributed to a surprising effect.
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Fake designer shoes

Lively threw himself on, and at the same time showed off his artistic qualities to as many as 27.5 million followers.

She also encouraged her followers to vote early in this year’s election campaign. But unlike her husband’s Instagram photo, a pair of dark brown, high-heeled shoes had appeared on the actor’s bare feet.

Detail makes the fans go off the shaft

Detail makes the fans go off the shaft

These are not ordinary heels, either, because Lively went so far as to draw on the well-known, red Christian Louboutin sole on the underside of the shoe. This provoked some fun reactions from the fans.

The Hollywood star, who can obviously afford the real thing, chose instead to wear the expensive designer shoes.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

The reason why the actor chose to draw in the picture is currently unknown, but it is speculated that the star did not want to expose his bare feet to the whole world.

Celebrity women's feet are shared on fetish site

Celebrity women’s feet are shared on fetish site

There is a website called Wikifeet where you can search for pictures of the feet of both Norwegian and foreign celebrities. On the site, users can cast votes on a scale from “beautiful” to “ugly”, with votes such as “fine”, “ok” and “bad” as other options.

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Responds to the stunt

The comment field is filled to the brim with fans joking about the painted shoes of the Hollywood star.

“Can I get the details on the deathly fine heels,” writes an Instagram account.

“Look at her feet, she has drawn on her heels. I love her “, writes another account.

The reality queen's hysterical photoshop mistakes

The reality queen’s hysterical photoshop mistakes

It was not only on Instagram that fans commented on the actor’s artistic ability. Several Twitter posts also mentioned the artwork.

“Can someone please tell me I’m not crazy and that Blake Lively actually photoshopped on a pair of heels on his feet in this photo?” writes one on Twitter.

“… Photoshop Blake Lively shoes on himself?” asks another question at.

After comments flowed in, Lively took to Instagram-story to call for a position at the renowned fashion house.

APPLYING FOR A JOB: In the text of the Story, she writes: “Impressive CV due to demand” and shows a close-up of the artwork in question.
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EXPERIENCED: Lively asks the fashion house Louboutin if they are looking for employees and adds that she has good experience of drawing on bare feet. Photo: Screenshot from Instagram
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To show variation above the global fashion house, she designed not just one, but two pairs of brown heels.

She also joked that the photos above were part of her “impressive CV”, and made it clear that she is obviously part of the designer shoe joke.

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