Malvino Salvador tests positive for new coronavirus after trip


Malvino Salvador and Kyra Gracie next to one of the couple’s daughters.

Photo: Instagram / @kyragracie / Estadão

Actor Malvino Salvador confirmed that he tested positive for the new coronavirus on Monday, 26, in an interview with Sonia Abrão on The Afternoon Is Yours, from RedeTV !.

“My family and I took a recent trip to [Fernando de] Noronha. One of the requirements for the trip is that we take the test 24 hours in advance. That’s what we did. It was negative and we were able to go to Noronha “, he said.

Then, he continued: “When I got there, there was a new requirement, that five days later we would have to retake the test. We all did it and everything was fine. I even had to go to São Paulo on Saturday, I had to retake the test. at the time and, again, it was negative “.

Malvino Salvador reported that, at the weekend, “he felt he was not well” and he took the test again: “the blood test did not give anything, but the PCR was positive”.

“What I did was to alert the people with whom I had had immediate contact so that they could take precautions. Since then, we have all been quarantined here at home,” he concluded.

Regarding possible symptoms of covid-19, the actor pointed out that he and his family are “very well, thank God”.

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